About Ayman

Ayman Dayekh is the founder and Managing Director of AZRE Consulting LLC. With 20+ years of experience across multiple industries, he has experienced tremendous success, learned some lessons from a few setbacks, and gained some valuable skills and experiences along the way.

Throughout those years, Ayman was accountable for delivering a wide portfolio of digital products and projects in government, real estate, education, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and banking. He has held different positions like Head of PMO, Chief Technology Officer, Business IT Consultant, and Senior Project Manager.

The unique combination of Ayman’s academic education, his professional certifications, coupled with his 360-degree skill-set, and expertise that cuts across all strata of functional areas, and most importantly his mindset and passion for improvements and innovation, made him efficacious and committed to delivering a fresh perspective with sustainable value, based on an honest business model.

A 0 to 1 leader, well-versed in creative problem solving and hands-on experience, Ayman currently leads AZRE Consulting LLC helping companies and individuals realize project benefits and outcomes through simplifying complexities, defining and driving decisions, leading transformation, and removing impediments between different stakeholders spanning multiple functional areas and business units.




Services for Corporates

1. Business Process Management & Improvement

2. Work Management Automation

3. Organizational Project Management (OPM)

4. Project Management Offices (PMOs)

Services for Individuals

A. Youth-Centered Guidance

B. Skill Development Workshops

C. Career Exploration

D. Emotional & Social Support


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